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Over the final quarter century, more dramatic change has not been found by any sector -and has had a larger impact on companies and consumers -than technology!

Define technology…

We used to spell out technology as…

“the branch of knowledge that deals with the development and application of technical means as well as their interrelation with life, society, as well as the surroundings, drawing upon such areas as industrial arts,engineering, applied science, and pure science.”

Now… it is defined as…

“the amount of the manners in which social groups supply themselves with the material things of their culture.”

Do you end up constantly checking text messages, e-mail or social media? Is tablet PC or your smartphone the very first thing you reach for in the early hours, or the final thing you put down during the night? If it describes you, then you’re likely missing and tethered to technology out on what’s really happening around you.

Here are some tips on the best way to disconnect – so you can join with your children and with your family, buddies from Working Mother Magazine.

Customize your tellings. Give significant contacts (your husband, manager, nanny, etc.) their own ringtones and text tones. Just react to essential contacts when you are attempting to get uninterrupted time with friends, family or your children. Everyone else can wait.

Create technology-free zones. Make a pact that you just will stay off your mobile during crucial “link times”. Those should include meal times, when you are in the car by means of your husband, wife or children, and an hour or so before the time that your kid’s bedtime. Children feel valued when you listen to them without any distractions and really look at them.

Establish special “check in” times. In the event you must be on call for work problems during the night or on weekends, let coworkers know you will check for messages or at stated times. That way, there is no need to peek always at your mobile. Tell friends or your family about your checkin policy so that they know in advance what to anticipate.

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