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wordpress-tipsHave you come across the term blogging? Do you want to become a blogger? If so, visit the website http://websitesetup.org/create-blog/ to know about the steps to create your own blog.

WordPress hosting is a famous blog hosting service used by most bloggers. There are several types of WordPress hosting options present nowadays including Shared, Free, VPS, managed WordPress hosting etc. You must understand the best WordPress hosting 2016 available in the market so that you can get maximum benefit for your blogs.

· BlueHost was established in the year 1996 and it is one of an oldest web hosting services on the net. It is an official hosting provider of “WordPress”. When using BlueHost, you won’t have to worry about slow performance issues even when there is huge traffic directed towards your site. The experts in BlueHost are ready to offer 24/7 services and you can contact them through live chat, phone or email. It is considered and rated as the top webhosting service provider for small business firms. The biggest advantage of BlueHost is that it offers WordPress beginner. Users can avail a special offer of 63% off discount, free web-site builder with templates and free domains.

· Hostgator is the most reputable webhosting service provider in the country and it has over and above 8 million domains. It has a single click WordPress installation, 24/7 customer support, and is the ideal choice for any business owner.

· DreamHost is another WordPress hosting services which has offered its services for more than 18 years and it is famous for making the complex process of web hosting into a simple one. You can receive a custom dashboard, automatic WordPress updates, i-click WP install, enormous space without any limitation, free SSD, and unlimited bandwidth useful for making your blog 200% faster. It hosts more than 600000 WordPress sites and blogs.

· Inmotion Hosting is a famous industry brand with trustworthy performance for hosting business websites. It is an award winning WordPress hosting service option which provides better technical support, 99.9% uptime, and it is the favorite option of the users. You can always get their US based support whenever you need their services. It is an optimized version of WordPress hosting services meant for active bloggers, and gives large scalability for your site development.

· Siteground is the popular and top rating webhosting service under the WordPress community. It offers exclusive in-house WordPress speed and security solutions, enabling to make your site secure and as fast as possible. They are known for their dedicated 24/7 support services in the industry making it the official WordPress hosting service provider. Some of the popular features of Siteground includes built-in WP caching, CDN, automatic upgrades, 1-click staging etc. It is one of the companies that give location-specific hosting using 3 data centers located in the United States of America, Singapore and Europe. In addition to this, it gives 60 % discount off for WordPress beginners and a free domain name.

You can consider any of the above famous WordPress hosting for your blog and enjoy the benefits offered by WordPress.

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