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Microsoft Word is one of the famous and widely used word file formats around the world which is usually referred to as MS Word. Almost all business and non-business organisations such as private companies, public sector enterprises, Government agencies, hospitals, schools, and universities are using the Microsoft Word on a daily basis. The Microsoft Word is a user-friendly application and even a common man can easily use the word for his basic requirements. The Microsoft word is commonly used by all business people for their day to day activities. You can quickly Strengthen group projects with word power. You can visit to find more recent business updates. You can find here below the reason why you have to use the Microsoft Word for business and personal use.

Smart Art

The smart art graphic is an important feature in Microsoft Word which is mainly used by business people to do a visual presentation for their projects, products and services. You can create many layouts by adding pictures, diagrams, clip art and charts to clearly explain your thoughts and business ideas to other people by way of a presentation. The main benefit of using the Smart art is, you can quickly switch from one diagram to another diagram without any problem for the one what you have already created.

Visual Charts

You can create your charts using the chart engine with the same concept of Excel. Once you have created the chart, another window will open with the Excel generated data where the chart is based upon. You can insert the chart using the insert chart button under the Illustrations group.

Interactive Document

You can easily insert hyperlinks just by right clicking on your word file where you want to insert the images or web pages or text to make your word document more interactive. Then you can quickly open the file just by clicking the hyperlink. Hyperlinks are very useful for sending data online your recipients can easily open the web page or files just by clicking the hyperlink provided by you.


The watermark option which is available on the page layout is the best choice to protect your important business documents without being copied by others or to avoid too much edit by someone else. The selected watermark option will be shown in the background of your document.

Mail Merge

The mail merge is an important feature for business people who want to send one standard format details to many people at one time. For example, if you want to mail one particular message to a group of people you can use the mail merge option to select the address from a different word source file. Mail Merge option will eliminate of typing the address in each and every message manually which is a time-consuming job.

Other Features

There are some other famous features of Microsoft Word are Header & Footers, Cover Pages, Find & Replace, Spell check and View options. The most common and famous feature is find & replace option which can able to replace any numbers of fields within seconds.

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